Homemade Candy Canes - A Cahoon Christmas Tradition December 06 2014

Each year we like to invite some friends over to make candy canes.  

This year we had Emily and Hayes from Small Fry Blog over to say thanks for being one of our first little pilots.



For those that want to give it a shot with your families.  Here is the recipe.

Homemade Candy Cane Recipe 

6 cups sugar
3 cups light corn syrup
1 cup water
1 teaspoon cream of tarter

1 bottle peppermint extract
PAM cooking spray
Red/Green food coloring
2 pairs gloves
kitchen shears
wax paper
candy thermometer
plate of flour for gloves and counter

The process - Candy making takes a bit of practice.  
Once you get it down it will become a super fun tradition the kids will forward to each Christmas.

1. Warm up oven to 200 degress -  this is used to keep things warm if the candy is cooling too fast.
2. Lightly spray PAM on 2 cookie sheets - I like to wipe them down with a papertowel.
3. Combine candy mixture in a big pot and cook on high burner all ingredients to just below hard crack stage.  Measure this with a candy thermometer.
4. Turn off heat and stir in 1/2 bottle peppermint extract into the candy mixture
5. Pour all but approx 2 cups (saved for color stripes) into greased cookie sheet.  We like to set this sheet outside to cool it off for a bit.
6. Pat the gloves in flour so the candy doesn't stick.  A little on the counter helps as well.
7. Grab the pan of candy mixture from outside and form into a big ball.   It will be very hot.  Using gloves pull like taffy as it cools.  Pulling and twisting will draw air into the candy mixture and it will start to become white.  This can be done on a large nail or with two people on a lightly floured counter top.
8. Before it cools to much form it into a brick shape. - Place it back in the oven at 200 degrees.
9. Take the 2 cups of leftover candy mixture and separate into two pans. 
10. Add the red and green food coloring to small pans of candy.
11. Spread those out on a cookie sheet to cool.
12. Get the white candy brick from the oven.
13.  Lay the red and green stripes on opposite sides of the brick.  Looks almost like bows on a present.
14. Start "extruding" the candy into a smooth rope by twisting and pulling.
15.  Make a line of friends to pull and twist the candy rope.
16.  Cut and hand pieces to the kids to shape the canes 
17.  Kids will make canes, bows, pretzels, balls, and set them out on wax paper to harden.   Fun, fun!